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The Micro is the first truly consumer 3D printer, incredibly intuitive, most affordable and seamless by design.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, just plug in the printer, download or create models, hit print, and watch your custom creations form right before your eyes.

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Micro Motion Technology is a sensor and feedback system built into the print head, providing auto-leveling and auto-calibration. This means that every time you run the printer it works, even after thousands of hours of use! The Micro is not only a useful tool, it makes 3D printing an enjoyable experience for the every-day person.

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  • Printer Dimensions: It’s a cube, 7.3 in (185 mm) per side.
  • It is lightweight, roughly 2.2 lb (1 kg).
  • It can also be used with any Windows, Mac, or Linux based system.
  • USB-Compatible connection.
  • Supports many different materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, and more.
  • Filament: standard 1.75mm. Nearly 1/2 lb (225 g) rolls.
  • Standard filament rolls also supported.
  • Removable Print Bed.
  • 50-350 micron layer resolution.
  • 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy.
  • Dimensions: Print height: 116mm (4.6″). Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm.  Print Area Above 74mm: 91mm x 84mm.
  • M3D software for an effortless, plug-and-play experience.
  • Supports and uses open source software (for advanced users).

The Micro was designed for assembly and production in the USA. We will use a combination of imported and domestic components to assemble all of the printers near our Bethesda, MD location.

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