First ViewCam 360 video of a Red Bull F1 car

First ViewCam 360 video of a Red Bull F1 car, captures complete 360-degree footage around a center point of the racing car, at full speed.   Watch the 360 video

The ViewCam 360 video by Making View, was mounted at a Red Bull Formula One car around the Rudskogen facility in Norway.

You can control the camera angle to look left, right, up or down, via your mouse.

It’s like a very fast version of Google Street View.


Making View explains:

“We are proud to launch the first full spherical 360 video together with our Red Bull friends. The ViewCam 360 video system makes it possible to experience this Red Bull F1 car from angles you have never seen before. You can decide the angles yourself by using the arrows on your keyboard. With the ability to capture full sphere video, it gives you a sensation of hovering over the car by letting you look straight down.”

sources  Making View,  Red Bull