The first X-ray of a Living cell

Scientists can now study cancer in minute detail, thanks to a new method to have X-ray view of a living cell.    Image © Britta Weinhausen/University of Göttingen

Researchers at the DESY Research Centre in Göttingen, Germany, used high-energy X-rays to study living cells and to see the clear differences in the internal cellular structure between living and dead ones.

Prof. Sarah Köster the leader of the working group, from the Institute for X-Ray Physics of the University of Göttingen, said:

“The new method for the first time enables us to investigate the internal structures of living cells in their natural environment using hard X-rays.

Minor changes to the internal structure of the cells are unavoidable in this process. In our studies, we were able to show these changes in direct comparison for the first time.

Thanks to the ever-greater resolution of the various investigative techniques, it is increasingly important to know whether the internal structure of the sample changes during sample preparation.”

via eurekalert

source DESY