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The futuristic Fly Citycopter urban aerial vehicle by Eduardo Galvani, has a lightweight body that features a electric tri-rotor design.

Eduardo Galvani has designed the helicopter with speeds up to 120 miles per hour, and for auto take-off, piloting, landing.

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Because of its characteristics, Fly™, in a near future, would still helps to solve the problem of out of space in streets of most cities, where the number of cars is now extremely high and causing too much pollution. Automobile traffic is still increasing fast, and each time there are much more people using the same ways at the same time. More than 50% of the cars are running with only 1 person, it seems really too much energy and CO2 emission in vain. Beyond that, in urban centers of the major cities, not rare, is easy to spend about 1h to move less than 5 miles because of the slow traffic. It’s an absurd if compared with flying, which the same dislocation would be made using only 1/20 (or less) of this time, energy and gas emission.

Intending an easier and better experience on flight, Fly™ is also equipped with last technology system for aerial navigation, allowing auto take-off, auto pilot, auto landing, flight planning and can be easy remotely controlled in short distances with safe obstacle detection.

Fly™ has cyclic joysticks with 6 configurable buttons each one. Is the first electric helicopter concept with touch screen digital panels with Flight Management System (FMS) and all the necessary Flight Instruments, as Altimeter, Attitude indicator, Airspeed indicator, Compass, Heading indicator, Vertical speed indicator, Course Deviation Indicator, Radio Magnetic Indicator and more.

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Its electrical engine works at 320hp, powered by a Lithium Ion Battery which allows around 300 miles/150min of autonomy, 6h for full battery recharging and easy removable battery system for continuous flight.


Dimensions: 6.34 x 5.20 x 5.49 m
Weight: 1.110 kg
Max Altitude: 12.000 ft
Max Speed: 120 miles per hour
Baggage loading: 210 lb / 480 lt
Ready to fly in 1 minute

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