flying humvee

DARPA has now awarded the second of two Transformer “flying Humvee” study contracts to Lockheed Martin. We just want to know when we’ll get to see both concepts fight in a desert death match. Let’s get ready to rotor!

Flying Humvee

The first contract to design the TX “fly-drive” tactical vehicle was awarded to AAI, for a concept equipped with folding rotor and wing (shown below). AAI’s TX design uses Carter Aviation Technologies’ slowed-rotor/compound concept, which is essentially an autogyro that can slow its rotor in flight to fly like a fixed-wing aircraft. To convert from vehicle to aircraft, the wing is unfolded, the rotor mast raised and the blades unfolded. The turboshaft engine spins up the unpowered, high-inertia rotor for a vertical “jump” takeoff, then drives a ducted fan for forward thrust and flight control.