Frog eBike

A new electric motorcycle concept by Jin Seok Hwang, San Francisco-based Frog Design. The bike is influenced by 1985 Yamaha FZ750 Rana and expresses how electric motor technology can influence motorcycle design.

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“The fossil fuel powered motorcycles we know today are composed of many complex systems: a combustion motor alone includes an engine block, intake valves, valve covers, pistons, connecting rods, spark plugs and more. Performance-perfect assembly of these many components is a painstaking process, and requires a rigorous schedule of maintenance. Electric drive systems are changing all this, and are redefining the industry and motorcycle culture as a whole,” explains design Jin Seok Hwang.

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“By eliminating the combustion engine, we lose mechanical complexity. The bike becomes less complicated, and the design can become more expressive.”

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source designmind.frogdesign