supersonic jet Spike S-512

Spike Aerospace is working on the design of a new supersonic jet, the Spike S-512! Their team of engineers have just completed Design Phase 1 which includes putting together the initial designs and specifications.

Above image: Spike Aerospace is taking advantage of live-streaming and display technology and replaces the windows with massive, high-def screens.

According to Boston-based aerospace firm the next stage will take about $800,000 but our crowd-funding goal is to raise $250,000 with the balance coming from the founders.

In exchange for your support, you get cool rewards like exclusive prints, t-shirts and silver coins. We are also offering a beautiful 18″ model of the aircraft.

“Help us raise funds to complete the next design phase of the aircraft and soon you will be flying to destinations in half the time.”   Spike Aerospace

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Over the past two years, we have put together a group of senior engineers with backgrounds at Boeing, Gulfstream, Eclipse and Airbus who know how to design and build aircraft. This outstanding team of engineers along with managers, partners and advisers are taking on the incredibly exciting prospect of building a supersonic jet.

The aircraft takes advantage of many significant improvements in aerospace technologies in the past 50 years. These include engines, fuel efficiency, composite materials, noise reduction and advanced avionics.

But designing an aircraft is still no easy task. Aside from the engineering and manufacturing, there is the testing, certification, legal and financial aspects. It will take a lot of capital and time to build the Spike S-512.

New aircraft design & development can be broken up into five phases which include several design phases, along with prototyping, testing, certification and manufacturing phases..

Our team has completed Design Phase 1 over the past two years with $250,000 of investment from the founders. We are now ready to start Design Phase 2.

With your support, we can complete several or all of the Design Phases of this project.

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