Gate Residence in Cairo

The ultimate green-building ‘Gate Residence’ futuristic billion-pound complex in Cairo, fitted with solar panels, wind turbines and more.

Images © Vincent Callebaut

The Gate Residence 1000 apartments in Cairo project by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut shows a high ambition in green energy and technology. A solar roof covering the shopping area, green terraces and sky villas partially unifies architecturally the whole complex. This roof provides support for the solar panels and solar heating tubes, and for the green vertical gardens, also the possibility of maximizing green energy, by providing shadow where necessary, thus decreasing the demand in mechanical ventilation.

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“In the heart of this New Cairo, the «Gate Residence» is an innovative design idea of Green Building, representing the combination of Trees and Building and metamorphosing the city into a vertical, green, dense and hyper-connected ecosystem. The main objective behind this urban proposal is to raise awareness of green sustainable architecture to fight against global warming in order to maintain an eco-friendly Earth for our next generation.”

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The 1000 apartments are organized in rectangular regular buildings, the «U» shapes, attached to the central street and is organized around a central street named «the Boulevard» acting virtually as the spine of the housing project.

The objective is to create a sustainable landmark in New Cairo by transforming this efficient building mass, multiplying the perspective views towards the streets, into a huge urban oasis. The program provides an underground parking on 4 levels; 1 level of supermarkets, 3 levels of commercial area starting on ground level connected with Nozha street, and finally 9 levels of housing integrating 3 levels of offices along the inner street.

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source Vincent Callebaut