Allianz Arena Bayern Munich new display

The facade of Germany’s Allianz Arena Bayern Munich is Europe’s largest stadium, will be upgraded with an all-round outdoor huge colored LED display, for dynamic light animations.

Allianz Arena stadium’s facade is already covered with red, blue and white plastic panels.

Philips is planning to install 8,000 ColorGraze units, coating the stadium in 380,000 LEDs that can display 16 million colors.

Surrounded by the largest membrane shell in the world, measuring more than 35 meters high facade of the Allianz Arena, around 29,000 square meters. Thanks to the efforts of 380,000 LEDs to 8,000 Philips ColorGraze lights the arena could dominate not only static subjects in the future. ” We are expanding the range of three out of 16 million colors. Thus, a variety of lighting scenarios is possible , which can provide the Allianz Arena for unique moods , “says Roger Karner , CEO of Philips Lighting in DACH .

Allianz Arena Bayern Munich new display

source Philips