Ghost attack boat

The Ghost fast stealthy attack boat from Juliet Marine, could be used as a kind of “attack helicopter of the sea.”    Watch the video…

Images © Juliet Marine

Juliet Marine‘s Ghost 38-foot main hull is designed to travel above the water’s surface. The ship moves through the water by two narrow struts. Underwater, each strut is attached to a 62-foot-long tube that contains a 2,000HP gas turbine engine each.

Ghost attack boat (2)


While the Ghost is a surface vessel, the hydrodynamics of the twin submerged buoyant tubular foils are also a test bed for Juliet Marine’s next planned prototype, a long duration UUV. The Ghost is a revolutionary proprietary technology vessel platform that will assure force protection through stealth fighter/attack capabilities along with integrated situation awareness. These vessels would create a protective fleet perimeter, providing sensor and weapons platforms, allowing no surface or subsurface intrusions.

The Ghost is a combination of stealth fighter aircraft and attack helicopter technologies packaged in a marine platform. The awesome capabilities of Ghost are designed to provide a marine surface and subsurface platform for tracking and identification of multiple targets. Systems for integrating on-board weapons will be designed to be capable of multi-target firing solutions while Ghost operates at very high speed. These weapons integration systems will also allow for attacking several targets simultaneously with a variety of weapons systems options.

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