Sunspot AR 2192

Giant Sunspot AR 2192 taking place during the partial solar eclipse, captured in this sharp telescopic image from October 22nd.    Image © >Randall Shivak and Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

The complex AR 2192 a sprawling solar active region comparable in size to the diameter of Jupiter.

Like other smaller sunspot groups, AR 2192 is now crossing the Earth-facing side of the Sun and appears dark in visible light because it is cooler than the surrounding surface. Still, the energy stored in the region’s twisted magnetic fields is enormous and has already generated powerful explosions, including two X-class solar flares this week. Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) associated with the flares have not affected planet Earth, so far. The forecast for further activity from AR 2192 is still significant though, as it swings across the center of the solar disk and Earth-directed CMEs become possible.

AR 2192

source APOD