Giant UFO shows up over London

A giant UFO shows up over London, appearing over the city’s landmarks, was nothing but The Halo 4 Glyph symbol for the launch the XBox 360 game Halo 4.

Images credit: Dailymail

Giant UFO shows up over London (3)


The glyph measures 50 feet in diameter, weighs over 3 tons and was one of the largest lighting art performances ever flown under a helicopter.

The circular object traveled along the Thames hovering almost silently illuminated by 113,096 LED dynamic orange lighting effects, controlled by remote system in a boat following the Glyph.

Chris Lewis, Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft EMEA, said:

”Halo’ launches are renowned for being entertainment game-changers and we are back with our most ambitious projects to date.

Last week we created a replica of the ‘Halo’ universe within the heart of Europe.”


The Xbox team spent months planning the stunt.

Giant UFO shows up over London (2)

Giant UFO shows up over London (1)


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