Glass Yacht (4)

The Glass Yacht designed by Lujac Desautel, for very calm water, inspired from a section of an upscale glass skyscraper.

Designer Lujac Desautel, explains:

“An homage to the skyscraper and a reflective canvas to the sea; Glass is organized vertically by three cubic volumes. Glass becomes a nuance of the conventional yacht, leveraging the swath hulls unusually large beam width by literally stacking each floor like Lego blocks. Effectively, each floor becomes entirely dedicated to maximizing the amount of living space for guest and crew on board. Quite possibly the marriage of a social and environmentally perfect anomaly of nautical architecture.”

Glass Yacht (3)

Glass Yacht (5)

Glass Yacht (2)

Glass Yacht (1)


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source Lujac Desautel