Worlds Largest Ski Jump

In the video Jurij Tepes jumps from the World’s Largest Ski Jump, with a camera on his helmet, in Vikersund 2013, 208.5 m, Norway.    Watch the video…

Vikersund is a town of 2,592 (in 2007) inhabitants in the municipality capital of Modum, in the county of Buskerud, Norway.

Vikersund is located 30 kilometers south of Hønefoss and 40 kilometers northwest of Drammen. The village is located at the southwestern arm of Tyrifjorden. The Drammen river enters Tyrifjorden by Vikerfossen. Trunk road Highway 35 passes Vikersund. Vikersund station is a railway station on Randsfjordbanen which was established in 1866, two years before Randsfjordbanen between Drammen and Randsfjord was completed.

Worlds Largest Ski Jump- map