Google s wind farm

Google Inc. announced its decision to invest $55 million in a large Mojave Desert wind farm. The investment is seen as a major step to help the state regain its number one position in the world in field of wind power energy production.

Exuberated by the news made public at a gathering in Anaheim, the wind farm developers and turbine makers welcomed the initiative. The internet search giant, which needs huge amount of electricity to run its vast datacenters, is actively involved in exploring and rejuvenating projects related to alternative sources of energy.

Google has taken up the above mentioned project in partnership with Citibank which is also investing an equal amount, i.e. $55 million. The amount will be utilized to partially finance the Alta Wind Energy Center, one of the world’s largest wind installations. The farm, when complete, will produce 1.5 gigawatts that should power 450,000 homes. In terms of revenue, the fact that Kern County economy will be realizing $1.2 billion annually will have a positive impact on the nation’s ailing wind power industry that lost its number one position to China in 2009 as well in 2010.