GoSun Stove

GoSun Stove portable solar oven is unlike any other grill. It cooks about three pounds of food in 20 minutes.

The GoSun Sport is the fastest and most practical solar cooker on the market.

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With the ability to cook a meal in 20 minutes, reach temperatures over 550°F /290°C, and finish a meal under cloudy skys,. It’s making fuel free cooking a viable option for people around the world.

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Matt Gillespie, an industrial and social designer working at GoSun Stove, explained:

‘”It’s profoundly efficient and a game-changer for fuel-free cooking.

When clouds interrupt, the food keeps on cooking with the heat stored inside the vacuum tube.

For this same reason the GoSun is extremely versatile, cooking hot meals in the harshest of environments.

Even against freezing temperatures and blowing winds, the GoSun’s cooking time is hardly effected.”

GoSun Sport costs $279, and is available here.

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