GranTender 72'

The GrandTender 72′ Designed by Keyframestudio is a unique boat. It is a re-design of the “Viareggio-Izmir” speed-world-record holding off-shore vessel called ZEYNEP and it uses hull.

Images credit: YTEAM

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Engineered by REDS for YTEAM the GT72′ is designed to be the Tender to 70 metre MegaYacht!
The GrandTender 72′ has 6 outside sports guest seats special designed for the  extreme speed of the craft.

The driving console is inspired to spacecrafts and supercars.

Inside there is room for 6 other guests.

The bow has two large air intakes for the 4 x 1485 Hp Isotta Fraschini engines, that push the GT72 to astonishing speed of up to 75 Knots.

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sources YTEAM,  Keyframestudio