Graphene for thin-film solar cells

Graphene has extreme conductivity and is completely transparent. Now scientists discovered that Graphene retains its properties even when coated with silicon and these findings have open the way for entirely new possibilities to use in thin-film solar cells.    Marc A. Gluba/HZB

Dr. Marc Gluba and Prof. Dr. Norbert Nickel of the HZB Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics have shown that graphene retains its impressive set of properties when it is coated with a thin silicon film. These findings have paved the way for entirely new possibilities to use in thin-film photovoltaics.

Marc Gluba said:

“We examined how graphene’s conductive properties change if it is incorporated into a stack of layers similar to a silicon based thin film solar cell and were surprised to find that these properties actually change very little,”

Norbert Nickel, explains:

“That’s something we didn’t expect to find, but our results demonstrate that graphene remains graphene even if it is coated with silicon. Our thin film technology colleagues are already pricking up their ears and wanting to incorporate it.”

Says Gluba, said:

“Admittedly, it’s been a real challenge connecting this thin contact layer, which is but one atomic layer thick, to external contacts. We’re still having to work on that.”

via Applied Physics Letters

source HZB