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Green Architecture is a new book from the famous Architect Javier Barba, about his amazing work. “Our architecture is based on the concept of integrated architecture, which is architecture that is respectful of nature and its resources and which also creates a pleasant and comfortable environment for its occupants.”

Green Architecture

Green Architecture
It is also bioclimatic architecture as the projects are oriented so that they enjoy good views and take advantage of natural light while avoiding severe solar conditions. They take advantage of favorable climatic conditions and integrate the construction in the land, as well as incorporating elements like recycling water and earthsheltering roofs with plants. The objective is always to reduce energy consumption and to harmonize the building with its surroundings.
The architecture designed by Estudio BC Architects gets its strength from the simplicity of taking advantage of the best views and the topography of the site,with its trees and rocks. They are timeless buildings that respond to forms from local vernacular tradition and necessity and not fashion.

Javier Barba was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1948. The son and grandson of architects, Javier grew up immersed in the world of Architecture. After graduating from secondary school, Barba did not doubt his choice of careers and enrolled in the Barcelona School of Architecture in 1967.

Javier Barba

In 1972 he joined his father´s firm, where he gained experience but yearned for a different type of architecture, breaking off from the rationalist of Le Corbusier and feeling more inspired by Frank Llloyd Wright. His development as an architect came from his work; each building was in itself an experiment and an evolution, leading to the next so that one can see progression of forms, with his master being the natural enviroment itself. In 1980 he formed his own practice, Estudio BC. In a time of mass production of impersonal buildings, Barba has been faithful to the idea of ¨ haute couture¨ Instead of ¨pret a porter¨ architecture, fitting each site with a building appropiate to its characteristics.
Recognized as one of the leaders of the Green Movement of Integrated Architecture, Barba has lectured at home at the University of Barcelona and the University of Seville, and abroad at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, at the Congress on Sustainable Architecture in Crete, at the International Congress on Sustainability and at the University of Monterrey Mexico.

Green Architecture

In 1989 the Comission of the European Community chose the Llavaneras semi- buried house to feature in Project Monitor as an example of one of the best bioclimatic constructions in Europe.
In 1993 Barba contributed an article on Integrated Bioclimatic Architecture to the George Wright Forum and has been invited to participate in international competitions amongst which was the Cathedral of St. Vibiana in Los Angeles.
Barba´s work has been published in many international magazines and has been features on the covers of several.

Javier Barba

Green Architecture -office



1985 – Urbanización Vallpineda
1992 – Isla Verde
1994 – Poblado Bioclimático en el Balneario de Sanillés
1998 – Sant Mori
1998 – Binisafua – Predio de Sa Fua
2002 – Poblado en la Isla de Paros
2006 – Fractional Property & Condohotel in Mojacar. Med Group
2008 – Houses in Lia
2009 – Cala Conta (Ibiza)
2009 – 18 casas en Aiguablava

Green Architecture

Javier Barba-villages



1993 – Luxury Resort. INDONESIA
1997 – Club de Playa en San Basilio.BAJA CALIFORNIA
2000 – San Blas Valley Resort. ISLAS CANARIAS
2000 – Hotel Piolets. ANDORRA
2001 – Poblado, Centro Termal y Hotel.CANTABRIA
2006 – Fractional Property & Condohotel in Mojacar. Med Group

Javier Barba-hotels

Javier Barba-hotels


Lectures – Publications (last 10 of 53)

2007: small eco-houses

2007: Architectural Digest. Greek Drama in the Cyclades

2006: The home magazine

2005: Adventurous wine architecture

2005: Casa & Jardim

2004: Revista Via Construcción. Javier Barba

2004: At home in Greece

2004: Interclubs magazine

2004: Architectural Digest. World’s top designers and architects

2004: Sovredom Magazine. Javier Barba



Shopping centers

1997 – Centro Comercial Almada Forum
1997 – Centro Comercial Los Prados
2002 – Centro Comercial Forum Montijo
2002 – Almada Forum Proyecto ‘La Roca’
2002 – Centro Comercial R.C.D Español.
2005 – Performing Arts Center for Sorlandet, Kristiansand, Norway

Javier Barba-centers

Javier Barba-centers


Wine cellars

1999 – Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars
2002 – Sala Chile-California.Bodegas Torres
2003 – Stag´s Leap. Visitor Center
2006 – Bodegas Torres

Javier Barba-celars (13)

Javier Barba-celars (16)