Hamburg’s noise strategy (3)

An important part of Hamburg’s noise strategy includes the planned A7 noise cover, which will cover four kilometers of the A7 highway. Further, energetic rent index standards are under development, designed to accurately assess the costs of energy in the average home.

Spanning six to eight lanes of traffic that cut through the Schnelsen, Stellingen and Bahrenfelddistricts of Hamburg, the A7 is among the largest and most disruptive highways in Germany.

Hamburg’s noise strategy (1)

The current plan calls for installing a 34-meter-wide and 2- to 3-meter-thick canopy over the A7 motorway in three sections, covering a total of 3.5 kilometers.

The A7 cover is expected to cost €600 –  €700 million, and it will mostly be financed by the federal government, but some of the funding will also come from selling city-owned land.

Hamburg’s noise strategy (2)