Greenpeace guide to Greener Electronics

This 18th Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics evaluates leading electronics companies based in three environmental criteria: Greener Products, Energy and Climate and Sustainable Operations.

In our days, more people around the world rely on phones, laptops and tablets to make their lives more productive, but the rate at which we purchase and discard these devices is having a serious impact on our planet.

Casey Harrell, IT analyst at Greenpeace, said:


“The guide analyzes electronics companies on commitment to the environment based on factors including green products and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

A number of companies, including HP, Apple and Dell, have improved their performance in identifying and reducing conflict minerals within their supply chain.

“Remember! The most sustainable devices are the ones you don’t actually buy! Work to extend the life of your existing electronic gadgets, buy used products, and only purchase what you truly need.”


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source Greenpeace