Sports Park

Designed by NBBJ in collaboration with CCDI, the 400,000 sq meter Hangzhou Sports Park in Hangzhou, China began construction back in December and is expected to be completed in 2013.

The new sports park is located on the Qian Tang riverfront opposite of the city’s new Central Business District. It’s designed to be a sustainable public park amidst all of the dense urban development that has consumed the rest of the city. Hangzhou Sports Park is designed to be more than just a large sports stadium — the park will also include open space, walking trails, a tennis facility, retail space, community playing fields and an extreme sports area.

Inspiration for the design for the park and the stadium was drawn from the geometry of the nearby river delta as well as the flora of the nearby lake.

The site is composed of three layers of activity: An above-grade platform defines the ‘sports boulevard,’ which links together programs such as the main stadium and tennis tournament facilities. On the ground level, pathways, gardens and plazas form a network of public recreation activities designed for alternative and extreme sports.

Sunken spaces and courtyards lead to an extensive below-grade retail facility containing boutique stores, restaurants and a multiplex cinema.

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