Happy Birthday Internet- www turns 25

Back in 1993, when CERN, the official inventor of the World Wide Web, announced that the internet be made available for use by anyone royalty-free.   Visualization of the internet.

Without this CERN’s (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) crucial decision, the internet as we know it today might not have been possible.

Web started in 1989 as an idea in the head of Tim Berners-Lee, who submitted a proposal to CERN for “linked information systems.”
Tim Berners-Lee, said:

“The Web pages back then had that gray and black text and embedded images. There was no fancy layout; it was very simplistic.

But it was powerful. I said, ‘My God, this is it. This is what’s going to define the next phase of my life.’ It was a quite powerful, transformative concept.”

Happy Birthday Internet- www turns 25 -1

via gizmag