Harvest City

“Harvest City” in Haiti as a floating agricultural / light industrial city off the shores of the island. Harvest City would be a vibrant fully functioning city of 30,000 residents which embraces three major concepts.

The creation of an artificial, floating, productive and livable land desperately needed for Haiti. A city designed based on the principle of Arco logy (Architecture and Ecology) which embodies an ecologically sustainable and practical urban platform.

That harvest City should be established as a “Charter City”. Charter City is a relatively new and advanced economic model specifically developed for struggling nations.Harvest City3

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In addition to accommodating city services, Harvest City has been designed with an integral program of economic capabilities. This mixture is two-thirds agriculture and one-third light industrial. Harvest City is envisioned as a 2 mile diameter complex of tethered floating modules. The overall design is divided into four zones or communities interconnected by a linear canal system. The four major canals will focus built neighborhoods consisting of four-story housing complexes. The outer perimeter of the design is predominately “one acre” crop circles with secondary feeder canals. The inner “harbor” will house the city center with schools, administrative, community activities and general marketplace.

The entire complex will float and be cable secured to the sea bed.

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