Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird

Flying like a bird! Dutch mechanical engineer Jarno Smeets take off and fly with his own invention like a real bird, just by flapping his wings! We did it! This weekend I flew a 100 meters with my selfbuilt wings.

Update 1: Flying like a bird! But the video is it real? There is an update in gizmodo.

Update 2: Flying Bird Man Is Fake! The man who claimed to achieve bird-like flight with a custom-built contraption came clean today: It was a hoax 8 months in the making.

Watch the video below, and read more gizmodo and popsci

“I used a GoPro-camera on my helmet to film the flight.

I have always dreamed about this. But after 8 months of hard work, research and testing it all payed off. Enjoy!”

[Human Bird Wings]

“Some people really loved it and support what I am doing. But of course there was also a lot of criticism. Some were pessimistic and blatantly negative, but most were useful! Either way a very fruitful discussion.

Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird

After my first testrun I had to reconsider my take-off techniques. A lot of people have commented on the way my wings move and my running; the AoA of the wings would not have been ideal and the position of my body too much a contraproductive angle.”

Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird

Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird (3)

Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird (4)

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