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Heatworks Model 1 is the most energy and water efficient, reliable and versatile electric water heater available.    Watch the video…

Heatworks Model 1 directly energize and heat the water molecules, rather than heating the water with old-school resistance heating elements.

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Eliminates all failure modes of conventional water heating technology and provides more features at the same or less cost. This technology also offers the possibility of WiFi or “smart grid” connectivity to measure and control temperature, duration, and power levels.

The Model 1 can be installed in the hot water piping in a remote location that is far from the existing water heater, such as a master bathroom or an outdoor shower. This saves a significant amount of water, and increases user satisfaction, and does this with efficiency greater than 99%!

  • Delivers 2.0 GPM (7.6 LPM) of hot water at 240 VAC and 48 amps (multiple units can be mounted in parallel, or in several places, to provide more hot water). (Be sure to check with your electrician to be sure your system can provide the required power). This assumes incoming water temp of 70 F (21 C) and output of 110 F (43 C). You may need more than one for your application.
  • Autosenses AC voltage from 100-277 V, and 50 – 60 hZ. Single phase power. Max current draw is set from 15 to 48 amps by user at installation
  • Water inlet and outlet = 3/4″ “sharkbite” fittings (metric solution coming!)
  • Accepts preheated water
  • Tested to UL standard 499. EU and CAN testing will also be done
  • Approximately 16 lbs (7.3 kg) , and 12.5″ (32cm) long by 6″ (16 cm) in diameter
  • WiFi module will be available in Spring 2014 and will plug into any MODEL 1 purchased now
  • 3 year warranty, with full unit exchange policy should you need it
  • No annual maintenance
  • Super quiet (yes, the other ones are noisy!)
  • Comes with universal mounting brackets

Heatworks Model 1 your next water heater (1)

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