Helical bridge

WXY Architecture and Weidlinger Associates have won a competition to build the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge, the helical bridge, in Xinjin County, China.

Xinjin is a historical town that has attracted many residents and visitors over the years. It is geographically centered where five rivers converge, and for centuries poets have exalted its natural beauty.

Helical bridge (3)

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Our design draws inspiration from Xinjin’s breathtaking landscape and rich cultural history, and reflects the city’s modern prosperity.

For the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge, the team’s winning design approach was to create a vision that evokes the flow of the river. Like a main path in a great park, the journey across the bridge should be an experience unto itself.

The undulating curves of the bridge reflect the waves of the river at the heart of Xinjin. The helical bridge is held up by five multi-limbed supports, increasing the current spacing for watercraft and other recreational uses of the river.

The two intertwined ribbons also serve a practical purpose by greatly expanding the capacity of the bridge to allow it to keep pace with Xinjin’s future growth.