Herman s Square in Slovenia

Herman’s Square, the new business residential building by Arhimetrics + Enota, is located at an important location in the old city centre in Celje, Slovenia.

Herman s Square in Slovenia

The land intended for construction is a part of a larger degraded non-built up area, which was somewhat forgotten for decades and exempt from the development of the city. The location is surrounded by modern city blocks, residential villas and freestanding multi-residential buildings. West of the site a large park connects it to the Savinja River.

The starting volume of the new building is determined in three steps. The tallest point of the new building in Herman’s square relates to the height of the existing residential high-rise, which is located along the road in the north-western edge of the lot. The lower floors, set up along the edges of the lot, epitomize the height of the freestanding residential buildings in the south.

Together with the public program of the existing city block buildings they embrace the central area and form a new city square.

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