Hotel in Reykjavyk by OOIIO

In Iceland’s capital, Reykjavyk, they wanted to build a large new hotel in Ingolfstorg, which is a public existing plaza in Kvosin, the city historical center. There are no big buildings in the area so the OOIIO architecture group decided to break the big hotel into 2 hotels for its better adjustment in the district.

Ingolfstorg is a public plaza, which needs to be renovated. There are various bars, restaurants and shops, but it looks quite neglected. The construction of the new hotel will contribute to the improvement of the area.

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OOIIO architecture decided to combine the client necessities by building enough hotel space and facilities in order to get good economical profits from it, and to provide stimulating public areas, to not loose public square meters for the city.

The proposal is an arrangement of good and functional hotel, restaurants and shops that are mixed with contemporary public areas, open to the city of Reykjavyk.

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