Balloons for the edge of space (5)

Huge balloons will take you to the edge of space, to view the curvature of Earth below, at the third of the cost of Virgin Galactic.    Watch the video…

Arizona World View Enterprises has completed a world record test, sending the Voyager balloon to edge of space.

The company is offering high-altitude balloon flights to begin in 2016, at $75,000 a ticket, which is the third of Virgin Galactic space flight.

Balloons for the edge of space (3)

The Voyager balloon with the capsule can go 19 miles (30 kilometres) high and will not reach the boundary of space, standing at 62 miles (100 kilometres).

Balloons for the edge of space (4)

Imagine floating in the immensity of space, gazing at spectacular views of our planet – the curvature of the earth, its biosphere and atmosphere, painted in saturated hues of white, blue and green against the blackness of an infinite cosmos. Now this captivating, transformative experience – once reserved only for astronauts – is a voyage you can take to the frontier of space for a view of our world like none other.

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