shapes in Kazakhstan

Huge mystery shapes with crosses, rings, swastika and more, discovered by Google Earth into the landscape of northern Kazakhstan.

Images © Google Earth/Dailymail

The 50 mystery symbols been found by Kostanay University in Kazakhstan and Vilnius University in Lithuania, by studying Google Earth.

They call them geoglyphs, large artworks made by arranging objects like stones..
The Kazakhstan geoglyphs have a size from 90 to 400 metres.

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Who built them is still a mystery, but scientists believe they may have been used to mark territory, or to perform ancient rituals.

Kostanay archaeologists Irina Shevnina and Andrew Logvin told Owen Jarus at LiveScience:

“As of today, we can only say one thing – the geoglyphs were built by ancient people. By whom and for what purpose, remains a mystery.”

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