Human-powered plane aims for World record

A human-powered plane aims for World record, to challenge the longest distance flown in a man-powered aircraft, which stands at 115 kilometres.    Image credit: youtube     Watch the videos…

The Human-powered plane “Gokurakutombo” made from polystyrene, is now performing test flights at the Honda airport at Okegawa city, suburban Tokyo.

The Gokurakutombo (means “Happy-Go-Lucky”) has a wing span 117 feet, which is about half that of a Boeing 747

Team Aeroscepsy and the pilot, a professional mountain biker, they hope will beat the previous record of 115 kilometres.

Shinsuke Yano, who heads the team of 10 engineers and enthusiasts, said:

“We developed a new plane from scratch to break the world record.”

He added that the world record for human-powered flight was set by a US university in 1988 with its pedal-driven Daedalus.

According to Greek mythology Daedalus plopped into the Mediterranean just a few metres short of the Greek island of Santorini after flying 115 kilometres from Crete.

via popsci