Hydrogen bond seen for the first time 1

Scientists in China have visualized the molecular structure of a hydrogen bond, using a technique called high-resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM).    Image © Science

A team led by Xiaohui Qiu and Zhihai Cheng of China’s National Center for Nanoscience & Technology, along with Wei Ji of Renmin University of China, created these impressive images of the first visualisation of a hydrogen bond.

According to Royal Society of Chemistry report that by measuring the difference in frequencies between the surface alone and the one with the molecule, the researchers were able to create a highly precise image of the bond.

Hydrogen bond seen for the first time 2
Image © Science

“We report a real-space visualization of the formation of hydrogen bonding in 8-hydroxyquiline (8-hq) molecular assemblies on a Cu(111) substrate using noncontact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM). The atomically resolved molecular structures enable a precise determination of the characteristics of hydrogen bonding networks, including the bonding sites, orientations, and lengths.”

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source Science,   Royal Society of Chemistry