Hyperviper RR Catamaran

It’s called Hyperviper RR (Racing Replica) 46-ft catamaran made from designer Camillo D’Auria. Derivation, for recreational use, catamarans competing in “Class One”.

Not only speed but also a lot of comfort from the two large sun decks located at the stern and bow. Large areas also in the cockpit that can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers plus the pilot. Two piston air permit two foldaway tables to create a wide area for socializing.

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Below deck are placed a bed and a bathroom for every need.

Another feature is the powerful sound system and four exhaust-pipe organ placed at the stern reminiscent powerful sports cars.

The attitude, ability to cope with rough weather, security, stability and high speed are the strengths of 46 feet Hyperviper RR.

Hyperviper RR Catamaran (4)

Overall length 14.10

Max Beam 3.80

Displacement 6 t

1500lt fuel

2x1350HP engines (other models available)

Maximum speed up to 150mph (according to the designer)

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