i-Go eBike

i-Go is an electric bike concept loaded with futuristic rider-friendly features such as regenerative wireless brakes, internal gears, smartphone charging ability, mobile app and GPS all integrated into a foldable design.

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The i-Go ebike rental system was designed by recent college grad Marc Andre Cardinal, and it may be the best bike share scheme we’ve seen to date.

Bike sharing is no longer a new concept. Following Copenhagen’s lead, successful bike share programs have been introduced into major urban centers such as London, Paris, Barcelona, and Washington DC.

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Electric bike sharing systems, however, are still a handlebar on the horizon. So far, one eBike sharing concept has come to term in the Lithuanian capital Vilniusand another in the Swiss city of Nyon.

As batteries become cheaper, lighter and more portable, it may not be long before more bike sharing cities incorporate electric designs into their growing fleets.

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