IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018

Like every year, IBM 5 in 5 reveals its predictions for our world in 2018. Passwords will be replaced with devices that learn to identify people, cancer will be individually treated at a DNA level and more.

According to IBM:

The classroom will learn you

IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018 (6)

The classroom of the future will learn about each individual student over the course of their education, helping them master the skills that match their goals.

Buying local will beat online

IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018 (5)

The technology trends will move us back to brick and mortar—but with a difference. In the future, retailers will layer increasing levels of engagement and personalization on top of the shopping experience.

Doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well

IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018 (4)


Today, full DNA testing to help make treatment decisions is still rare. But cognitive systems and cloud computing may make this form of treatment mainstream.

A digital guardian will protect you online

IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018 (3)


Security is evolving from being based on rules, like passwords, to being automatic and made stronger through us just being us. This guardian will have your back, trained to focus on the people and items it is entrusted with based on a 360 degree of an individual’s data.

The city will help you live in it

IBM 5 in 5 predictions for 2018 (2)


For citizens, smart phones enabled by cognitive systems will provide a digital key to the city. People can have fingertip access to information about everything that’s happening in the city, whether an experience is right for them.

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