iBox Nano

iBox Nano worlds least expensive, smallest 3D printer, created with the home based user in mind.   Watch the video…

Most 3D printers are expensive, large, noisy and complicated. The iBox Nano created with the home based user in mind.

iBox Nano (3)

  • The iBox Nano is designed to produce high resolution prints with the touch of a button
  • There is no software to install so you can spend less time setting up prints and more time printing
  • A robust ecosystem of open source and free software for 3D modeling and editing
  • WiFi enabled so you can print untethered
  • Battery powered option for on-the-go printing (optional purchase).

‘Many of the Resin printers on the market use DLP technology to create and control the UV light used to cure the resin. Using a DLP projector introduces a few issues such as low bulb life and cooling fan noise. DLP projector bulbs will need to be replaced at their service interval, generally at 2000-8000 hours of use. Even before they fail they will suffer a noticeable loss in output power causing reduced print quality, or no print at all. These bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars, and all of them will need to be replaced. ‘

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