i mWatch smartwatch

The i’mWatch can be used to make and receive calls with your smartphone, and it is compatible with Android devices, the iPhone and BlackBerry Smartphone.

i mWatch smartwatch

Is the creation of Blue Sky Italy, and it comes with a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 processor and 64MB of RAM, there is also 4GB of built in storage and a 1.54 inch TFT touchscreen display.

The i’mWatch is available for 249 Euros, about $360. More details at i’mWatch.

i mWatch smartwatch

i mWatch smartwatch

i mWatch smartwatch

Incredible functions for the first smartwatch in the world.

With i’mWatch you can:

-visualise the watch both in the analogue and digital format: as you prefer.

-receive calls showing name and number of caller: and see who is calling you at a glance. You can decide whether to answer or decline a call. All this while keeping your smartphone silent in your pocket.

-call by entering the number or by using the address book: to make a call, all you need to do is enter a number or touch a name. As simple as that. And you can do it just about anywhere: simply touch a name in your address book.

-use speakerphone: that’s going hands free. For example, avoid distractions while driving.

-receive text messages with preview: from today, reading a text message is as easy as checking the time.

-receive emails showing the sender and the subject: your emails straight on your i’mWatch: sender and subject are sufficient to understand importance of the email and therefore decide whether to read it immediately or later on your smartphone.

-check the weather forecast of your city: you are updated in real time and wherever you go. Under any circumstance, weather forecast for the next hours is useful.

-receive notifications from Facebook™, Twitter™, Foursquare™, etc.: i’mWatch is more social than you can even imagine. Keep in touch with the world.

-download all the music you want from i’music: and then listen to it whenever. What about incoming calls? Music is paused when i’mWatch rings and to answer just click the button on your headphones.

-download apps from i’m store: each downloaded app offers new functions to your i’mWatch, making it more and more fun and capable of doing extraordinary things.

-view the photo and image gallery: on i’mWatch your photos sparkle and shine in all their splendour With a touch you can enlarge them and with another restore them to their original size. Just swipe the display and you can slide through unforgettable moments and instants. Always with you, all on your wrist.

-view stock market data and receive notifications: follow and keep up-to-date on all your interests, wherever you are. It is sufficient to personalise notifications you want to receive.

-receive appointment notifications and consult the same: with only a touch you can check on your next appointment and with a quick glance read a notification.

-you can transform an idea into an app. There are no limits to your fantasy. The world of i’mWatch is open to all developers who, just like ourselves, believe that we are about to write the history of smartwatches.

-Use the apps you prefer and pass from one to another in just seconds without slowing down performances of the app in the foreground or discharging the battery uselessly. i’mWatch is multitasking.

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