FORTIS exoskeleton

Industrial exoskeleton technology comes where workers must use heavy, hand-operated tools to complete their tasks.

Image © Lockheed Martin

The FORTIS™ exoskeleton   accommodates multiple body types while increasing endurance and productivity.

Patricia Aelker, program manager of Lockheed Martin’s exoskeleton technologies, said:

“Exoskeletons can enhance a person’s physical capabilities. To increase strength or endurance, you must have a keen understanding about the structure of the human body, the science of how the body moves and the variations among individuals.”

FORTIS exoskeleton

Understanding the differences of individual bodies, the FORTIS team designed the exoskeleton to be adjustable to fit a range of body sizes and types.

The FORTIS (meaning strength and endurance in Latin) exoskeleton takes the weight of a load, like a heavy hand tool, off operators, making it easier for them to do their work.

Using the principles of biomechanics, the weight is transferred to a mechanical arm and down to the ground through a series of joints, similar to the joints in your hips, knees and ankles.

“When you hold a tool, you’re not only carrying its weight but also enduring the impact of using it. When wearing the FORTIS exoskeleton, a user only needs to guide the tool to the location where it should be used. It feels like you’re using the tool in an almost weightless environment.” Aelker said.

source Lockheed Martin