Bigelow Inflatable Space Habitats

NASA, working with Bigelow Aerospace to send next year the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) at the International Space Station.

Image credit NASA/Bill Ingalls

The Bigelow Aerospace’s Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is expected to arrive at the IIS in late summer 2015 and will begin testing inflatable space habitats, toward the development of an inflatable commercial space station.

SpaceX will launch BEAM to the ISS and once connected to the Tranquility node will inflate to 13 feet long.

For the next two years, NASA with instruments will measure how well, the new Activity Module, holds up in space. Bigelow after that will build a 12-person station.

Bigelow Inflatable Space Habitats

Credit: Bigelow

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