Infrared Car System spots Wildlife on the road (3)

The in-car Infrared night-vision system debuted 13 years ago, was set to show pedestrians approaching a roadway. Now, Mercedes-Benz and Swedish safety-system company Auto­liv, unveiled Night View Assist Plus identifying also wildlife, among others deer, horses, cows.    Animal Avoidance Kako Fonia

According to Popsci, each year, drivers in the U.S. strike about a million deer, causing 27,000 human injuries and $3.5 billion in damage.

First image: the new Mercedes-Benz S class radically redesigned driver display consists of two 12.3-inch high-resolution screens. Housing the instrument cluster, driver assistance systems, infotainment and more, its ultra-intuitive operating logic adapts to your preferences as you drive.

Infrared Car System spots Wildlife on the road (1)

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