Innovative wind turbineFloDesign: Drawing inspiration from a jet engine design.

The FloDesign Wind Turbine prototype is three times more efficient at turning the wind into electricity than today’s towering, three-bladed models. The cowlings-made turbines direct air into patterns creating spinning vortexes and it accelerates the air when it passes through. The turbine works equally well at lower wind speeds and is indifferent to volatile wind patterns.
Innovative wind turbine 2XBee: an inventive 19-foot, prototype wind turbine, is still in R&D phase, where the Green Wavelength LLC is working on making it more resistant to overheating at times. It’s ground-breaking design is inspired by the movement of bumblebees, hummingbirds, and dragonflies.
wind turbine3AV: Architectural Wind™ is a modular wind turbine that integrates easily into new and existing commercial buildings. It employs AV’s patented design and innovative positioning method that increases turbines’ electrical power generation by more than 50%. It’s also less noisy when compared to conventional wind turbine designs and vibration are minimum possible.
via greendiary