Interactive Live medical Holography

Introducing interactive live medical holography, the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications.

The Israeli medical holography company Real View, is bringing fantasy to reality with 3D holograms that doctors can use to save lives.

Aviad Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Real View, said:

“Real View has developed what is probably the most advanced 3-D interactive visualization system. Our holographic system allows physicians to work with the patients true 3-D anatomy appearing as precise volumetric holograms floating in mid-air.”

 medical Holography

True holography accurately reconstructs the wave front reflected by an object, resulting in a replicated object floating in mid air. Moreover, the holographic image optically reconstructs reality and therefore the 3D holographic image is ultra realistic allowing intuitive appreciation of the three dimensional image as it possesses all required cues that include accommodation, stereopsis and convergence as well as occlusion, lighting and sometimes even colors.

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source Real View