Light in the Sky

The winners and notable photos of the 5th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, a program by The World at Night (TWAN) in collaboration with the Global Astronomy Month and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

Above image: Light in the Sky. The first prize in Against the Lights category (and the overall contest winner) goes to Giorgia Hofer of Italy for her photo “Light in the Sky” taken on 2014 Jan 1 from Cibiana Pass in the Dolomites (Alps), northern Italy.

Earth and Sky Photo Contest

The contest theme is Dark Skies Importance. Similar to TWAN itself, the contest also aims to reclaim the natural beauty of starry sky and to help preserving the dark skies which are not yet dominated by artificial lights.

The images in this video are copyrighted by the photographers.

The music is by sound artist Thomas Nordwest (

Winner photos and more information on the contest page: