Street airplaineTo transport a plane from the Pulkovo Airport in Moscow to Lenexpo Exhibition Complex in St. Petersburg, at first it should have been transported by haulage truck to Obukhovskoy Oborony avenue and then transfered to the barge sailing along the Neva river right to Lenexpo.

Street airplane 3

There it should have been taken off the barge by helicopters and transfered to the exhibition place. The length from the nose of the plane to its tail is 9.3 m and its wingspread is 12 m. That’s why a special support, capable of holding such a weight, has been created.

When everything was prepared and the plane was going to start its trip, an unexpected incident has happened right on the territory of the airport. The Ural truck accidentally hit the nose of the plane. While it was being thoroughly examined, the time was passing… So the barge leaves and the helicopters fly away.

Street airplane 4

Street airplane 5

Street airplane 6

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