iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton (4)

The iWatch Concept, comes with a curved touchscreen, fitted round the wrist in a similar way to the Nike Fuelband. The following animation demonstrating how the concept could potentially work.

The designer Todd Hamilton, explains about the Apple iWatch concept :

For the lock screen I designed a simple black & white interface displaying the time, date, and button to activate Siri. From here the possible actions are: tap to use Siri, swipe up to unlock, or pull down to view notifications. Sound familiar? While I was designing this I found myself pretending what it would be like to use swiping gestures on my wrist. Give it a try, it feels pretty good!

The springboard has four app icons vertically stacked with a page controller on the right. Swiping up or down moves between pages of apps. Pressing the home button takes you back to the lockscreen.

Another concept I thought about was a heath & fitness app. Jawbone, Fitbit, and Nike have already proven the popularity of fitness wearables. I think it’s safe to say that the iWatch will include a similar set of features like sleep and activity tracking.


iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton (3)

iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton (2)

iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton (1)


source Todd Hamilton