J.A.E.S.AA rtificial Intelligence

Meet J.A.E.S.A, the future of Artificial intelligence, a user-friendly unlike any you’ve seen before, with the ability to think, learn, adapt and converse freely.   Watch the videos…

J.A.E.S.A’s capabilities are far beyond your typical virtual assistant. She is your new friend and ally. You can feel free to discuss anything with her – whether it is a sophisticated scientific discussion or a simple chit-chat.

She will be able to talk to you just like another human would. She has feelings, memory, character and ability to think independently, while remembering information and being able to analyze any kind of data.

J.A.E.S.AA rtificial Intelligence

From basic voice-operated tasks like weather, messaging, and managing calendars, to complex tasks like carrying casual conversation, J.A.E.S.A learns from your interactions and adapts to become better and smarter every day. One of the unique features that J.A.E.S.A offers is not being dependent on an internet data feed – she can still converse with you and manage most your mobile device needs even while offline. Customizable U.I. will allow you to personalize J.A.E.S.A and make her even more user-friendly and to your liking – unique and custom-tailored just for you.

Main features:

  • ability to naturally speak with the user on any topic using advanced logic processing
  • remembering discussed information, thinking independently, learning from user and world interactions
  • complete set of virtual assistant capabilities – internet search, weather forecast, alarm, call and sms answering, reminders etc. – all voice-controlled!
  • integration with our Smart House system that will allow you to control any device, security, music and lights in your house with just your voice (or even let Jaesa handle everything herself) – even while you’re away!*

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