Zentrum Library

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum, the new library of Humboldt’s University, designed by the architect Max Dudler. Belin, Germany.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

It’s the biggest freehand library in Germany and contains 2 million books, all of them public accessible and not in closed depots.

Berlin-based Swiss architect Max Dudler won the competition, in which 277 architects participated, with a typical ‘Berlin style’ rationalist building.

Behind a strictly orthogonal façade, the visitor encounters the big reading hall, which refers to the terraces of the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. The space is illuminated by natural roof light and contains green desks and lamps with stone covers for 250 people, all designed by the architect.

The atmosphere of the hall breathes a similar spirit as the big library hall by Labrouste in Paris. Most of the 1250 workstations are located directly at the façade with tremendous views over the city.

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