Jeep bike

This futuristic concept has been designed by Kyle Robie for the Jeep brand, exclusively keeping the year 2025 in mind.

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The Jeep Cross Bike features a hydroelectric powertrain, with the electric motor acting like a compressor for the accompanying hydraulic pump. This system will inject enough fluid to both the wheels, delivering the rider more of an adrenaline rush. The battery pack is easily accessible in the storage compartment under the seat and features 7 bars placed on the side: three on the side of the battery and four on the seat. Its location makes for a quick exchange when a new, fully charged battery is needed.

The headlights feature indicator lights on the front, while turn signals come embedded in the front mirrors. The swing arms were designed to bump out just a bit to maintain a good balance. The design of the motorcycle is a little unorthodox, but just adds to the splendor of the bike, making it a real head turner.

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