Jeff Bridges on TRON legasyJeff Bridges on TRON new technology It’s the sort of plot Hollywood’s been banging on about for years… but now it’s suddenly become real: technology that takes 30 years off an actor. As Jeff Bridges reveals what it’s like to be given back his youth in the new Tron movie, we can all reflect: why not Sean Connery for the next 007?

I’m a pretty lazy guy,’ Jeff Bridges announces.

‘I spend most of my time avoiding work. Honestly, I do my best to turn everything down…’

His drive to make movies has been replaced by a desire to stay at home with Susan, his wife of 33 years, play the guitar, listen to country music and indulge his passions for photography and ceramics at their 20-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

The irony is that the few roles Bridges accepts invariably result in exceptional performances. He won this year’s Best Actor Oscar for his poignant portrayal of the gruff, dissipated country-music star Bad Blake in Crazy Heart, and at 60 he’s more in demand than ever.

‘The more I say no the more great roles I get offered. But I know the effort it takes once you engage and commit. Also, it takes me away from my sweetheart, my leading lady. My wife tells me we’ve been apart 11 months this past year because of movies.’

Bridges’ latest film is an epic: Disney’s futuristic $300 million sci-fi sequel Tron: Legacy, out on December 17. He stars as video-game visionary Kevin Flynn, a character he first played almost 30 years ago.

TRON legasy

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